Free Publishing on obooko

We are currently accepting submissions in English from published and unpublished writers.

Our service to authors is absolutely free. All we ask is that you adhere to our submission procedure and agree to keep your book available to our members for a minimum of 90 days. Please do not submit your work if you cannot guarantee this minimum term.

You may submit fiction and non-fiction in any of the genres and categories listed in our menu. We do not however accept work written in languages other than English; nor do we accept promotional material, part-works, samplers, chapter-limited works, articles, books containing advertising links or books that do not comply with our terms and conditions. All books for inclusion in our main categories (other than short stories) must contain a minimum of 10,000 words. We reserve the right to reject, without notification, any submission not complying with these conditions.

Readers may access and download your work in any format completely free of charge. Free means Free on OBOOKO: there are no membership fees or hidden charges of any kind. There never will be.

Submitting your Files

Please read this guide before using the buttons below to submit details and files.

It is important to name all your files with the TITLE (or main key words of the title) of your book: vague filenames like 'my-book' or 'photo-4' may become lost in our system. Please provide us with a correctly formatted PDF (lines must not be double-spaced) file, along with ePub and Kindle (mobi or azw) files if you have them. We will create these for you if you don't have them but you MUST provide us with a Word document (or similar) for us to convert. Plus a cover image in jpg format to the same size as your page dimensions or to a minimum of 800 x 600 pixels at 96ppi.

If layout is critical, as with poetry for example, you may upload just a PDF and cover image. Short stories may also be submitted as a PDF file only.

Submissions are processed manually. We therefore cannot guarantee a date when your ebook will be published. If you have not provided us with the details requested on the submission form or your files require re-formatting, please allow more time for us to process. Publication date will depend on the extent of the work involved and the workload in our production studio. As a guide only, should everything be in order, please allow a minimum of 72 hours, excluding weekends and public holidays for your ebook to appear. This service is free so please bear with us.


For legal reasons, if your manuscript contains an imprint from another publisher or distributor, you must replace it with ours, which is:

This is a free digital edition from

Although you do not have to pay for this e-book, the author’s intellectual property rights remain fully protected by international Copyright law. You are licensed to use this digital copy strictly for your personal enjoyment only: it must not be redistributed commercially or offered for sale in any form. If you paid for this free edition, or to gain access to it, we suggest you demand an immediate refund and report the transaction to the author and obooko.

That's it for the dos and don'ts. Please click the button below to send us details about your book by completing a submission form:

Submission form

Once the form is submitted we will remind you to upload your files. Authors already publishing on obooko may use this button to upload revisions:

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Future Updates

Whenever you wish to update your ebook all you have to do is send us the revised file via our File Uploader by using the button above. There is no need to complete another Submission Form unless any details have changed, in which case please contact us beforehand to let us know so that we can have your files to hand in readiness.

New Writer?
If you are a new writer you may be interested in downloading a free word processing package and a free template to help you format your first ebook. And if you require writing services we have a supplier list for online editing, free photo libraries, Independent publishers, and ebook cover designers.