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El Wingin' Gringo (Nostalgic Humour)

- Ian Billingsley

The Fairy of Mani

- Vasilis Poulimenakos

The Crying Guitar

- Rania Kyrkintanou

The Bicycle and the Air balloon

- Rania Kyrkintanou

2084 (Religious)

- Richie Cooley

Finding Herself (Teen Fiction)

- Nine Greyling

Apprehending the Shadows(Crime)

- Amos Gideon Buba

The nameless cave (mystery)

- John Jones

The Compassionate Act

- R. Lorelei

Ken And Abel (Thriller)

- Mambo Banda II

Music to Her Ears

- Peter C. Byrnes

iPhone Selfie (humour)

- Adarsh

Accidental M******e (humour)

- Adarsh

Saga of a Middle-Aged Vampire

- Gayle Tiller

The Writer

- J Bennington

Stephanie (Romance)

- Cassie Beattie
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