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Tosdach (set in Scotland)

- Stuart Mackay

The Lie in Your Mind's Eye

- James R. Womack

Giant Dreams and Dragons

- James R. Womack

One Loss (inspired by a true story)

- Jason Wu

13 Names on a Dead Man's Chest (Crime)

- Amaris Ricci

Born of Nerynth (Horror/Supernatural)

- Amaris Ricci

Befriended (Mystery)

- Peter C Byrnes

Penelope Bushtail (CH)

- Enez Ensenia

Sourpuss Longbottom (CH)

- Enez Ensenia

If I Had a Sister Like You

- Nazma

I'm Not My Mother

- Dean Caldwell

Strangers Quest (Fantasy)

- Benjamin Wallin

Betrayal (Romance)

- Nhora Sibotshwa

Ginger: The hybrid Sasquatch

- Hal Hickton

The Hunter

- Letrisha Mouton

Trick or Treat (Horror)

- Abel Nobel
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