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The Money Suckers by Walt Thiessen

The Money Suckers
By Walt Thiessen

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Book Synopsis

Sub-prime Mortgage Buyers DID NOT Cause the Banking Crisis! Novelist Walt Thiessen pulls back the curtain to unmask a centuries-old conspiracy in this fascinating tale.

Leading banker Justin Knight comes face to face with evidence that a secret conspiracy dating back more than a century at the highest circles of the banking system not only expected, but planned and intended the current financial crisis. It didn't occur accidentally, and it happened despite well-meaning efforts to prevent it. A recorded video of a secret meeting that comes into his possession leads directly to his daughter's kidnapping. The price for her return? The video and his silence ...


Two men watched from the shadows as a lone, very well-dressed man untied his yacht from the dock and headed toward the helm. The two men crept quietly through the misty morning ai...
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