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Past Life Tourism by Barbara Ford-Hammond

Past Life Tourism
By Barbara Ford-Hammond

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Book Synopsis

Ever had the feeling of deja vu? Or a snapshot of a long forgotten memory? Are you attracted to particular places or times in history? Have you been here before? Barbara includes stories from real case histories and the techniques used for you to recall your own memories of other lives from the past or yet to come.


I’m in a saloon. There are cowboys sitting about drinking and playing cards. It is noisy and the warm air smells of beer, horses and sweat. There is a mirror across the wall, behind the shot bottles, and spittoons are in the corners. To the right of the bar is a wooden staircase leading up to the bedrooms. No secrets here.
I am thinking of the word ‘doxy’ although I’m not sure what that means (I do now!).
As my story unfolds it becomes clear that I am a working girl and these men are my customers.

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