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Dystopia 2022. By Kevin O'Kane
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Genre/Category: Action and Adventure
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Dystopia 2022. By Kevin O'Kane
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The Democrat Party is dead but from its corpse a new, oligarchic, neo-fascist Progressive Party rises on a sea of fat cat cash. Its political philosophy is simple: representative democracy is an obsolete and outdated concept from another era. Modern governments should be controlled by experts and forceful leaders, not 18th century debating societies. Seizing the presidency, the party quickly consolidates its control over the country through the endless alphabet soup of Federal agencies to which lazy Congresses, over many years, delegated vast regulatory authority.

But things do not go well. Laws and policies once hammered out by political compromise are replaced by an endless stream ill-thought-out executive decrees. The economy spirals into depression. The government responds by printing ever more money to survive and service its EBT clients.

The nation collapses into chaos. The money is worthless. The cities are charred ruins from food riots and epidemics. States succeed and print their own money. Mexican armies recapture large areas of the southwest. The nation is paralyzed.

Though all seems lost, the people finally rise up to smash the Washington leviathan. But the beast, though wounded, fights back.

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