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Enemy of Freedom by Paul Coulter

Enemy of Freedom
By Paul Coulter

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Book Synopsis

Enemy of Freedom is a thriller that reads like the worst case headlines for America's near term future: Terrorists Detonate Refinery. Hundreds Dead at Tunnel Blast. V.P. Assassinated in Nerve Gas Strike. President Lewis Announces Run for 3rd Term.

When she discovers gross improprieties in the arrest of Imad Khalif, Assistant U. S. Attorney Kyrie Langford contacts investigative journalist Davis Brandt. Kyrie is a conservative young woman with a strong record of convicting terrorists. Brandt is a firebrand reporter for the Washington Post, a divorced man single-minded about exposing administration abuses. Together, they uncover clandestine government activities of totalitarian proportions ...


Three miles off Cape May, Captain Magnus Nording logged the Princess Anna's safe arrival into U.S. waters. A pilot came aboard at Forte...
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