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Loyalty Test by Paul Coulter

Loyalty Test
By Paul Coulter

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Book Synopsis

Loyalty Test sweeps from a disastrous school bombing in Islamabad, to a murderous Russian gang smuggling plutonium, to war-torn South Sudan, to the brothels and drug labs of a perilously corrupt Myanmar, to the rescue of girls forced into prostitution in Ankara, to lethal encounters in Azerbaidzhan, Russia, and Kazakhstan, to the fundamentalist dominated alleys of Karachi, to the U.S. where terrorist strikes devastate Wall Street and Atlanta's CDC.

Throughout, each major character is gripped by divided loyalties. A terrorist faces the conflict of loyalty toward the country of his birth v. the country of his heritage. Genna Bowen must decide between passion for the man of her dreams v. her need to prevent this man from doing a terrible thing. President Yates balances his duty to protect the United States v. his desire to protect a long held secret. Zack Bowen has lit...
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