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GnuPG High Level Cryptography - Golden Keys

GnuPG High Level Cryptography
By Golden Keys

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Book Synopsis

Most people don't use cryptography simply because they don't know what it is, or they have erroneous ideas about it, such as being extremely complex, expensive and even outlawed. They are also not aware of the risks and dangers they face by not using it.

On the other side, the largest IT companies and e-mail providers also do not provide adequate information on this issue and resist implementing cryptography in their systems be- cause it would increase their costs without giving them direct benefits.

We believe that cryptography is essential and necessary to maintain privacy and security of digital communications, and the more people adopt this technology, the more it becomes an indispensable item which will come together with every service.


This guide was developed to help people understand what is cryptography, how i...
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