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Monetizing Online Forums by Patrick O'Keefe

Monetizing Online Forums
By Patrick O'Keefe

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Book Synopsis

"Monetizing Online Forums" is not about squeezing every last dime out of your forums. Instead, it is a detailed guide to making money the right way with the right methods. Over monetization can kill a forum - with this guide, we aim to help people monetize appropriately, ensuring the long term stability of their forums.


Managing an online community can be fun, but earning an income from it can seem prohibitively difficult and dull. But to survive, grow, and constantly provide a better experience for its members and visitors, forums require more than just hard work: they need financial support. Figuring out how to make money from a forum can be even more daunting than building the forum in the first place.

Should you run ads on your site, or do you want to keep distractions to a minimum? Is it wrong to make money from user-generated cont...
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