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Dodd's Army by John R. Smith

Dodd's Army
By John R. Smith

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Book Synopsis

1943, Italy. A British aircraft, containing an assortment of soldiers, is shot down behind the Italian lines. The survivors manage to make themselves comfortable in hiding, but after one of them is blown up on a mine, the others decide that just keeping out of the way is not enough.


Corporal Kelly reckoned being a passenger in the guts of a Wellington bomber was the worst experience he'd ever had, and that was before it crashed into the sea.

It was dark, not pitch, but what light there was glinted spookily red off the metal framework of the cavernous space inside the aircraft, like a fire was smouldering somewhere nearby. Something to do with protecting the crews night vision, Kelly hoped. The bomber had been converted to carry soldiers, but the seats were just L shaped bits of steel tube bolted along the sides of the aircraft...
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