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The Tibetan Drum by Ylia Callan

The Tibetan Drum
By Ylia Callan

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Book Synopsis

The Tibetan Drum is a spiritual adventure tale about an inquisitive young man who wonders at the meanings and patterns of life as his journeys take him from California through Central America and across the oceans to Asia and beyond, where he finds the voices in his soul and discovers the truth from within.


The Handmade Car

Waking up on the beach, the first thing that came to the boys mind was the power of belief. A belief that dreams in true origin, program the waking reality of life for all living things. A super sub-conscious state where dreams and higher powers manifest into realistic desires and aspirations. Driving the consciousness to motivate the self, creating a life of necessity, satisfaction and evolution.

The sun that summer morning brought with it a wind filled with the warmth and energy to lift William to his feet and...
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