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The Man In The Black Veil by Agwu A. Ejem

The Man In The Black Veil
By Agwu A. Ejem

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Book Synopsis

A man loses all he has - sight, legs, wife and son; but eventually finds a family in a mad man, who ironically knows he is mad and thinks the entire world is even more insane than he is, and a fourteen year old orphan whom he adopted from the street. The drama, comically, reveals the extent of moral decay in the society, and exposes the fact that good judgement exists in places where we least expect them.


The man,  
The young man, his son, 
Boy, his adopted son  
The bearded man, his friend, 
The mad man (who later became the man in the black veil), his friend,  Men at the bar, Policeman, Clergy, Mourners. 

The conventional Act–Scene style of dividing a play is here replaced by a Phase-Incident Style - where each phase announces the introduction of a new character, while,...
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