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Short Plays Volume 1 by Ben Macnair

Short Plays Volume 1
By Ben Macnair

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Book Synopsis

Short Plays Volume 1 by Ben Macnair contains five of the author's plays: two monologues, one two- hander, and two three-handers.


Barry Shovel’s Guide to Life 

(Int: He is sitting down in his favourite chair in the corner of his student union. There are the sounds of a pub around him, laughter, a quiet juke box and occasional cheering. He is 21, well built, almost rotund, and sits talking to an invisible audience. He strokes his stomach). 

Barry Shovel: 

‘Look at that. Look at that, I tell you, all bought and paid for, all bought and paid for, looks good doesn’t it? Not everyone can pull of this look, but I can. It took years of training, hundreds of pounds in pints, but worth it, well worth it.  The Doctor says it is no good for me, and if I carry on like this, I won’t see t...
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