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Alana Weatherbee: Book 1 by Jack Sorenson

Alana Weatherbee: Book 1
By Jack Sorenson

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Book Synopsis

Fifteen year old Alana Weatherbee leaves home for the first time to study at the School of Shines of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Finding herself the school outcast, she gains acceptance by becoming champion of the Labyrinth Games in spite of her teammates, the school bullies. Then Alana meets Logan, another outcast and, together, they fight to save their world from the evil Book of Spells.

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Alana got off the back of Headmaster Barns' broomstick and followed him inside the castle which housed the School of Shines. Her eyes darted this way and that, taking it all in. Alana had only heard stories of this place and of its many ghosts.

"Alana, this way." He picked up a candle and...
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