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Hilda - Back to School by Paul Kater

Hilda - Back to School
By Paul Kater

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Book Synopsis

Book seven in the Hilda the Witch series.

Hilda the witch and William make plans for a trip. Due to circumstances, it does not become the trip they had planned...


William put an arm around Hilda's shoulders. "Relax, sweetwitch. Nothing bad is going to happen."

Hilda shot a look of fire up at him. "Nothing bad, eh? Then why did someone mention party combined with looney? Surely you can't believe that this is going to be harmless."

Ciera, who had begun to walk off with Krypteria, stopped and turned. "There is nothing to worry about, Grimhilda," the redhead smiled. "It's just a party. Time to relax, and dance, and music, and good food. I hope."

To make things ultimately clear, Irmgard and Hepatia came flying along on their brooms.

"Hello everyone,"...
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