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Do You Believe In Magic? by Francie Spletstoser

Do You Believe In Magic?
By Francie Spletstoser

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Book Synopsis

A 50 year old werewolf named Damion falls head over heels in love with a 15 year old, very hot-tempered witch while enrolled in a group home. His vampire brother, Tommy, has always been pushing him to find another girl since he was cheated on. When a nurse goes crazy and chains them up in a basement, it's almost impossible to get out and survive. Do they pull it off? Or do they die?


There was a new girl at the group home. I didn’t know her name yet, but she was not human.

She was a witch. I only knew from her scent. It wasn’t normal. I mean, she smelled really good, but not what a regular human smelled like and she wasn’t wearing perfume and I knew a witch from a long time ago who smelled the same. The reason why I know her scent from a long distance is because I am a werewolf. My brother, Tommy, is a vampire and so is his g...
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