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Elephant Milk by Diane Sherry Case

Elephant Milk
By Diane Sherry Case

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Book Synopsis

It is 1969 and a major film is about to be released starring Sean Hayes. But she won't be around for the premier. The love of her life has disappeared south of the border, and she is determined to find him, even if it means joining a Mexican Circus and getting lost in a world of snake charmers and knife throwers, Mayan jungles and machine gun carrying guerrilla fighters. Somehow she will find Frank, and when she does, she learns, on the night of a total eclipse, riding on her favorite elephant, that the love she always needed was actually love for herself.


I first met Frank on Venice Beach, where I wasn’t allowed to go and when I should have been in school. A psychedelic Hindu god and goddess made love on a purple cloud in a painting on the cinderblock wall. Sweet-smelling smoke drifted through the beaded door of the head shop.

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