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The Roman and the Runaway by A. J. Braithwaite

The Roman and the Runaway
By A. J. Braithwaite

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Book Synopsis

Luke Brownlow is in trouble with his parents for not working at school. In escaping from his family he makes friends with Ned Kelly, the man next door, but their relationship gets complicated when Luke is sent to a new school ... where Ned is the headmaster.


"And what the bloody hell d'you call this?"

Luke Brownlow shut the front door behind him and felt his start-of-the-summer-holidays happiness seeping away. He turned to see what his father was shouting about and recognised the object he was waving as his school report. The happiness was replaced by a rising feeling of gloom as he prepared himself for another argument.

In the living room, the unwelcome greeting had brought forth frightened wails from Luke's toddler sisters. He watched his mother rush out from the kitchen to soothe the girls, with a stressed and repro...
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