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Guide to knowing your Family Ties by Teresa Barnes

Guide to knowing your Family Ties
By Teresa Barnes

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Book Synopsis

Guide to knowing your Family Ties is a child-friendly guide to understanding who is who within the family circle, ie: great aunts to cousins once removed, set out for a young child to understand.


Confused with family relations? What is a cousin or a Second cousin one removed!

This guide is to help children of all ages understand where their family members and distant relations stand in their family circle.

My Parents are my Mother and Father.

My Sisters and My Brothers:

I have one sister who is older than me  
I have one sister who is younger than me
I have three brothers, the Twins are the eldest And the other is my baby brother

My Parents and my sisters and brothers are Known as my immediate family! My sisters and brothers are also known as my siblings.

One of my brothers has...
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