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These books may help you with the development of your children, physically, emotionally and intellectually, from early years through to teens and early adulthood.

Wake Up Mom!  Dad! Wake Up!  By Janet O'Donoghue

Wake Up Mom!  Dad! Wake Up!
By Janet O'Donoghue

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Have you ever wondered why babies are so adorable?  Or for that matter why they cry so effectively, able to jolt a mother from a deep sleep with a whimper?  Well, perhaps it is so, because we humans are actually deeply asleep.   

I mean, can you imagine what it would be like if babies were just neutral?  Blank slates with no appeal. They wouldn't last long.  Or, on the other hand, if it were simply sufficient that they were exactly as they naturally are, gurgling, cooing bundles of joy all the time?   

I can just see it.  Mom is totally entranced by this fascinating being, and then after a perfectly beautiful bonding session, there are 'things to do'.  So, Mom goes of into her habitual distraction with all those essential tasks.  Like cleaning toilets because Grandma is coming to visit (they must be...
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