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Arise A Hero by Wayne Schreiber

Arise A Hero
By Wayne Schreiber

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The world's old gods lie dormant, imprisoned for centuries in a timeless rift. They have accepted the fate of their actions, yet the people who roam freely have not. A small sect of fanatical magicians, lead by Bellack, a sinister and heartless spell weaver have not forgotten the powers that they once possessed and seek to secure their Queen's release. With the discovery of a large crystal deep in the Tanarian mines, the sect believes it has found a catalyst for their powers to break free their Queen. They will stop at nothing.


Athene had cursed the day that she had signed the charter for the convoy to Nordheim many times since they set off two months ago. The baggage train was so mind-numbingly slow and boring as they trundled their way through the increasingly barren countryside. But the money would keep her in lodgings and wine for at...
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