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As Above, So Below. By Richard Lawther

As Above, So Below.
By Richard Lawther

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Book Synopsis

Geoff Christie lies paralyzed in a hospital bed, a victim of locked-in syndrome. As he struggles to come to terms with this horrific condition he discovers a bizarre and astonishing ability, one that grants him special insights into the disturbing properties of a new and increasingly popular entheogen.


Alex woke up, leaned forward, scratched his shin and inspected the body lying by his side. The large, white, fleshy back poked up from the covers but remained completely still; above it was an equally stationary mass of black hair. Maybe she was dead. Alex continued to watch but failed to see any sign of life. He eased his way out of the bed and made for the small, grubby bathroom.

His reflection eyed him from the other side of the mirror: the same big eyes, big nose and big mouth as the previous night. Luckily Alex had a big head, h...
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