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Back Again by Larry Rich

Back Again
By Larry Rich

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Book Synopsis

Pre-life. A story from this perspective, of life as we think we understand it, may surprise, comfort or challenge you. This is the odyssey of a soul as it exists in the fascinating realm of the pre-life, existing with absolute freedom in limitless realms - while waiting with trepidation to be born, to be sent back again.


Like I am, you're a part of it, but you, like me, know nothing about it. Or, almost nothing. You may think you do, but believe me, you don't. From my vantage point, I have a different view of things. A different perspective. You will too, in time. For now, I would just like to share with you the journey. My journey. Your journey.

Don't ask me when it began because nobody knows. Nobody. I can only tell you that everyone here has been around for a very long time. Including you. We're learning all the...
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