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Tales from the Bear and Lion by S. M. White

Tales from the Bear and Lion
By S. M. White

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Book Synopsis

A Collection of Fantasy Short Stories.

Follow the birth of a monster in "Jar of Hearts."

Listen and watch as a poet pines for a lost daughter of the gods in "The Eyes of Illiat."

Take the journey as Andore sets off to claim the fey woman who stole his heart in "Andore and Illiat."

Learn the horrific lengths one child will take to mend a broken heart in "You Bury Me."

Listen to a soldier's agony as he returns from war and finds the life he left forever changed in "The Last Stand of a Dying Soldier."


Leaves crackled beneath running feet as terror forced the youth through a darkened autumn wood. Moonlight shifted, and shadows played across the footpath as a chill wind nudged the naked branches overhead. The familiar scent...
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