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Dragon Way by Mikaela Salzetti

Dragon Way
By Mikaela Salzetti

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Book Synopsis

An ancient evil is accidently awakened by a prince. A hundred-year-old prophecy is set into play. Four teenagers set out on a quest to save the world, or die trying. They are destined to revive the dragon way, but can they succeed with a betrayal of royal porportions?
Another's Eyes


It was a stormy day in the mountains. A light fog covered the palace like a blanket. The sky was a bland grey that blended in with the horizon. Taj'semal stood on the parapet, taking all of this in silently. His dark brown, almost black skin tone made him indistinguishable from the stone wall behind him. Only his sharp eyes betrayed the fact that he was not a statue. As the king's head guard, it was his duty to keep watch on days like this that were perfect for an attack. Of course, there hadn't been any attacks for Allah knows how long, but tha...
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