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Equinox by Vera Lynson

By Vera Lynson

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Book Synopsis

A girl named Wera, well accustomed to the supernatural, pays a visit to a vampire friend of hers, Leonard, a charming, gentlemanly bohemian popular in the circles of the nocturnal elite. In a world of elegance, class, and bloodshed, she quickly gains friends unusual even by the standards of the creatures of the night... Together with them, Wera will have to rediscover the meaning of her life, fight a war for her own world started because of a confused rockstar and a girl named Cocaine - and meanwhile, try to discover the secret of the equinox...


I woke up with the spicy taste of rust and sulfur in my mouth, which rekindled my disappointment from the previous night. I had expected the taste to be different, a little more enchanting, like maybe roses or even liquor - rust and sulfur was just too traditional for someone of that caliber. But hey, I r...
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