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Finding Medusa. By Randy Mann - Romantic Fantasy

Finding Medusa
By Randy Mann

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Book Synopsis

Romantic Fantasy

A story of a young man living in today's world, who discovers he is a descendant of the Greek gods. To save himself from a terminal ancient prophecy, he must find the legendary Medusa for a cure. He soon discovers that the mythological epic tales were changed and finds love, discovery and conspiracy on his journey.


The story begins on a small island in a tropical setting. A visitor to this place would see plenty of lush vegetation, a variety of animal life, majestic waterfalls, and perhaps, a single creature no one dares to gaze upon.

It was another warm day in this tropical land. The winds were brisk and anything on this island would feel the warmth of the tropical sun.

Many years ago, three men arrived on a small boat and ventured onto the white sandy beach. They came with with swords and metal plates co...
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