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Findo Gask: Gumshoe Glamours by Trevor Hopkins

Findo Gask: Gumshoe Glamours
By Trevor Hopkins

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Book Synopsis

There is the underworld - and then there is the Underworld: the Lower Realms, the caverns of the Goblins. An ancient and complex society, almost entirely separate from the humans on the surface; a society not wholely evil, nor uniformly good, but shot through with all the shades of gray of a people where individuals each make their own way in the world.

In this world of dubious dealings and changeable morals, one Goblin attempts to navigate a middle way through the shifting morass of ethics and expediency. Findo Gask. A Goblin whose pride and honour mark him out from those who surround him, one whose investigative skill and thoughtful insight makes him sought out by those who wish a discreet solution away from the prying eyes of the Law. If you can find him, if you can persuade him, this Goblin is for hire: only twenty-five dollars a day, plus expenses.

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