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Hewn (Ultimate Fantasy Series - Vol. 1) by J.G. Cuff

By J.G. Cuff

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Book Synopsis

Hewn (Ultimate Fantasy Series - Vol. 1) by J.G. Cuff.

In a world that grows with every woeful mind that crosses over in the darkness, a new legend is about to be born.

Where love and loyalty, pain and anger, adventure and mystery all run deep like the roots of the mighty Sorrow Wood; an incredible journey begins.

Welcome to the Queen's Realm...where the truth is ultimate fantasy.


HE was but a boy of 10 when he first went to the edge of the Void. It would be the last time that he ever saw his brother alive; and he would make his first kill. The early arrival of spring had breathed new life into the lush Sparrow Vale; a vast, fertile plain of rivers, streams and endless pastures on the western side of the Queen's Realm. The vale's green oasis stretched out from the foothills of the western Ti...
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