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In the Beginning by Melanie Ray

In the Beginning
By Melanie Ray

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Book Synopsis

Everything might end for an endangered pacifist race, but not without a fight from Yed. While guarding the king though, an unpredictable situation emerges and he is now living a 'normal' life with old friends. Old friends he is keeping an irresistible dark secret from.


"Don't do it hard, you'll break my arm Walren!" Yed cried out. Behind him, the recruit twisted Yed's arm too hard, sending a sudden jolt of pain up his side. Yed wrapped his black tail around Walren's arm and pulled loose. Still holding onto Walren with his tail, Yed maneuvered behind the recruit. "Remember your opponents are innocent idiots. You don't have to break a limb to get 'don't mess with my client' across."

Yed would rather be brushing up on study books than training. He only read the first chapter...
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