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Seasons of Shadow by Charles Roland Berry

Seasons of Shadow
By Charles Roland Berry

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Book Synopsis

Epic fantasy set on the planet Kwazur, where the largest moon, Brin causes three-month-long solar eclipses, twice each year--The Seasons of Shadow. The High Tides come, 800 to 2000 feet, to create vast tidal zones. Intelligent life forms, humans, whales, dolphins, and other lifeforms battle for control of the tidal zones, the Middle Ground. Three teenagers decide the bloody and futile wars of their parents must stop, they join together to create a new Empire of the Middle Ground.


When Ůle was led into the First Chamber, her fright became unbearable. She thought she might pee on her own feet. Her white linen dress extended from just below her small, tan breasts to her ankles. She was glad no one could see the few drops of urine trickle along her right thigh.

The High Priestess came forward quietly from the shadows of the Temple, wra...
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