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Spell of Fate by Mayer Alan Brenner

Spell of Fate
By Mayer Alan Brenner

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AUNTIE LEEN! AUNTIE LEEN! Look what I found!" Auntie Leen, also known as the Keeper of the Imperial

Archives, raised her eyes above the lenses of her reading

glasses as the three-year-old figure of her nephew skidded to an uncertain halt next to her desk. In the midst of a frenetic bustle of waving arms she could see that both hands were empty, and the pockets exhibited no more than their typical bulge. "Very well," said Leen. "I'm looking. What are you hiding, and where are you hiding it?"

He was tugging insistently at her hand. "Here! Come here!"

Robin had been rummaging somewhere off in the back, playing hide- and-seek with himself among the uneven aisles and coating himself with his usual cloud of grime. With her free hand, Leen slid an acid-free marker into t...
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