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The First. By Rebekah B. Barton

The First.
By Rebekah B. Barton

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Book Synopsis

Amori Johnson is the First and the Key to the Dweller's escape. Soon Age old prophecies and divinations will come to pass, as this one question will be answered: WILL THE GATE BE OPENED?

This is part 1-4, of the Goral series, the title and series name has been changed.


Tall trees surround the small town of Orland, Kansas. To the north of the town were the Cede caves, a place that at one time had been the heart of the town, till the mines were closed down many years ago. The sun was now setting over the tree line, sending a golden halo across the land.

Amori and her two best friends Alexis and Anise were heading over to a graduation party that was being held at Ryan Xerxes' house. Alexis drove following the curving back roads, since Ryan's house was on the out skirts of the town, his family being one of th...
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