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The Heart of Tarkon by S.C. Meakin

The Heart of Tarkon
By S.C. Meakin

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Book Synopsis

Unaware of dynamic influences working on subtle levels, Hanor's awakening to latent powers inside him leads to the discovery of energy centres of a mystical order - incredible forces that are as mystifying as they are intriguing. Embarking on an epic journey, his greatest challenge is not surviving the countless monsters and life-threatening situations, but the discovery that Beings of planetary proportions exist - Great Makers who are the Initiators of Life on every World. A humbling experience, but he is yet to face the greatest evil of them all at The Centre Vale - the Planetary Dweller.


Emerging from the depths of Space, the Great Maker kept searching for a World devoid of life. A Planetary Being of immense size and power, the Maker is a creator of life, and its Keeper. Directing forces of the one Universal Spirit, its plans are far beyon...
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