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The Ofnibus. By Dave Skinner

The Ofnibus
By Dave Skinner

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Book Synopsis

The Ofnibus is a novelette sized collection of four short stories about a thief/want-a-be-wizard named Forn. The stories are titled; Of thieves and wizards, Of man, mouse, and monster, Of dungeons and demons, and Of friends and fiends, hence the Ofnibus title. Magic plays a role in each adventure, as does revenge, love, and betrayal.

Excerpt from 'Of thieves and wizards':

Climbing a tower to steal from a wizard is not something to be undertaken lightly. I was still bolstering my courage when I saw her approaching, so I let her go first. She didn't know it or have a choice because she hadn't realized I was there. She had walked right past my hiding place without noticing me. So I watched her as she ascended, moving from stone to stone. I had been tempted to introduce myself. She was a striking woman even with the camouflage paint smeared on her face....
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