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The Vamanwolf: The First Holocaust by S.S. Raees

The Vamanwolf: The First Holocaust
By S.S. Raees

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Christopher Lois, a typical teenager of 13 who runs away from home after a quarrel with his mother. Upon leaving home, he is exposed to dangers beyond his wildest imagination. He ends up transforming into a vampire by three vampires set out on a mission to destroy the Waeroherias, also known as Werewolves. When he wakes up after the transformation, he finds himself in the Cave of the Moon. He, being the owner of the Golden Diamond, said to have powers to lead them on their way to the Sacred Lands of Gods manages to open and all four of them are sucked into the diamond ...


The postman walked away from his responsibility, his last one, his final job to freedom of the carefree - boring everyday life. His work wasn't such a difficulty, and neither quite as simple as you'd think.

All he had to do was to deliver envelopes that ne...
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