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World of Ryyah: Kerala, and Akenji's Adventure by H. L. Watson

World of Ryyah: Kerala, and Akenji’s Adventure
By H. L. Watson

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Book Synopsis

This story comprises the first part of book two World of Ryyah: Unlikely Alliance, and picks up where book one 'Birth of the Half Elves' left off.

As events unfold, Brandela is not the only one who must do significant soul searching to ensure a gratifying future for herself and her people. Kerala and Akenji must seek to understand each other, and what it means to be bonded out of duty rather than choice. As they prepare to be joined in marital union, Kerala cannot help but worry about a bond made from political necessity.

Also by H.L. Watson on obooko: World of Ryyah: Birth of the Half Elves


On a hilltop overlooking the Kshearry River, a small, solemn group watched in silence as two Rangers lowered the rough wooden coffin into the ground. Akenji flinched slightly as the first shovelful of soil thumped against...
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