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Infant Food Recipes by Julie Anthony

Infant Food Recipes
By Julie Anthony

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Book Synopsis

Infant Food Recipes is a unique collection of traditional (Indian), delicious and nutritious food recipes for infants and toddlers between the age group of 6 months to 2 years. The recipes are easy to follow and high on nutrient content.

This ebook is a compilation work done by Julie Anthony with the sole intention to re-introduce the value and goodness of traditional homemade food recipes to new mothers.

‘Infant Food Recipes’ is my attempt to re-introduce you to the benefits of home made food. These recipes have been tried and tested and believe me they are not only healthy but also very tasty!!  

A healthy baby’s food has to contain adequate amounts of calories, protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

I am sure you will find the Infant Food Recipes booklet informative and useful.

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