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Cotton Wool World by Anna Westwood

Cotton Wool World
By Anna Westwood

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Book Synopsis

Eve, is confused and angry at where her life has taken her and is inwardly screaming, not just for a change in herself, but at what she sees around her on an everyday basis. She questions what is deemed acceptable, even normal, behaviour patterns and wonders if she is the only one who sees the cotton wool which envelops the western world.


I want a cigarette. Or at least I did want one. It’s a very convincing idea. Putting the smoking area in one tiny room at the far end of the airport where you have to climb three flights of stairs to get to the damn thing. I’m stood here now, in this tiny room, crammed full of people. I can hardly see them through the smoky haze. I feel like I’ve had ten already. It’s a bad habit. I’m not proud. I’ve a long flight ahead. Well, I’m here now, I’ll smoke the f—ing thing w...
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