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Seven Days Spain by Elvira Frankenheim

Seven Days Spain
By Elvira Frankenheim

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Book Synopsis

Author Dieter, and his younger girlfriend, wished for nothing but peace and chill out times in Spain, when they booked an all inclusive trip to Majorca. But a crazy horde of Czech cellists devastate the hotel rooms in the peaceful little village, which means a lot of work for Sarah Sackmann. The sexy tour guide was taking care of the utter bliss and happiness of the holiday guests. Though focusing a little more on the male side ...


Not everyone speaking German actually comes from Germany, neither is every American born in the USA. Bruce Willis was born in Germany. Sandra Bullock first saw the world in Arlington, Virginia, daughter of a German opera singer. Later she lived in Germany and Austria. This small country belonged to Germany. That being during a time when the Germans were still conquering and were already keen on establishing one European currency...
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