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My Island is Beautiful by Alex Sass

My Island is Beautiful
By Alex Sass

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Book Synopsis

How long does it take to vanish "My Island is Beautiful" deals with questions of belonging, identity, sexuality and discovery. A compelling and entertaining read for anyone who has dreamt of escaping the rat race. Fiction, based on true events (London, New York, Thailand).


The Docklands Light Railway from Tower Bridge to South Quay. Funny Lego trains jolting along the track, curling like a cheap roller coaster over the roofs of East London. I would usually try to force my way to the front of the train so that I could sit and enjoy the weirdly sexual feeling of the carriage exploding out from the dark tunnel, into the daylight and then the uphill climb of Wapping. Crisp packets and bits of animals would fly out before us as we pushed the air forward. A rocket in a tube, slowed by the weight of suits. It always smells of fizzy drinks and sweat, dam...
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