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Travel books must be one of the most popular categories of books on the planet. Whether looking for specific travel guides for an upcoming trip or just looking for inspiration to plan another trip, then you’ll find what you need in the travel section.

People have been documenting their travel since ancient times and producing guides offering travel advice as they discovered new places and new things. As printing became commoditized across the world and the popularity of printed works has grown, travel books have followed the trend.

You can pick up simple guides to holiday destinations and resorts that give you the key sites to go and see if you can drag yourself away from the pool or the beach. These sort of guides will likely give you some basic background and some useful information like phrases in local languages, what to do if you have a problem etc.

For the more seasoned traveller (or budding traveller) then you can get more in depth guides to countries and regions. Books like the Lonely Planet series. These sort of guides will get you off the beaten track and beyond the touristy parts. Whether it be eating at a restaurant that from the road no tourist would ever enter or discovering a hidden village and meeting the locals, these kind of guides are for you.

If you are travelling on a budget, there is a travel guide book for you. As the internet has opened up the world through photographs, more and more people want to get out and see places with their own eyes. The problem with travel is that in the face of it it’s quite expensive. But it doesn’t have to be and there are books that can help find cheap transport and accommodation. It doesn’t need to be a 5-star trip to be enjoyable.

Some people would say that you don’t really get to know a place until you know it’s cuisine and food. There are many guides to travelling where food is the main focus. Picking the bet places to eat the national dishes is a fantastic experience

You can literally find travel guides for any situation. Have children? Easy, get a guide to travelling with children. Want to travel with a pet? Again, get a travelling with pets guide.

Away from travel guides there are travel books where people tell their story of an epic journey. This could be anything like hitchhiking across America or travelling through dangerous places in the Middle East or Africa. These kind of books are great to learn about a place and follow the author’s challenges and emotional ups and downs

If you are going on a trip then look for a travel guide that will give you the lowdown on everything you need to know. Keep your travel efficient and on track. If you dream of wanderlust, then pick up travel books of other people’s adventures. Be careful – you might get inspired to pack a bag and go for your own epic journey!