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If you’re into food and would love to learn the recipes of so many amazing dishes, the food and drink genre is definitely for you. Food is a very important part of our lives that we cannot sidetrack. Food has grown to be just more than something we eat to survive; the cooking process is now perceived as an art. Different people all over the world have one or two particular type of meals that are peculiar to them and their culture. Wouldn’t it be nice to get hold of free recipe books for that Thai, Indian or Mexican food you love so much?

Whether you have always wondered how your grandma's grilled chicken always tasted better, or how your neighbour manages to make such good cookies, you too can learn amazing cooking skills. The cookbooks on Obooko contain hundreds of easy recipes for different dishes around the world. The breakdowns are easy to understand, every step is well detailed to ensure you are doing it right. Whether you're a wife trying to please your husband with some really good home cooked meal, or you're a husband trying to surprise his wife by making a special dinner, you can turn to Obooko for recipe books.

There are also cookbooks for kids, to help them have fun in the kitchen ad to ignite their passion for the art of cooking at a tender age. These books understand what tickles children, being at their young age, they are always very excited to learn new things.

Drinks are not left out, there are easy recipes on how to make your favourite mixed drinks, cocktails or fruit juice. Every once in a while, running to the store to get some juice or wine might not give you that feeling you want as compared to homemade drinks. Would be nice to know how to make that nice orange juice sold across the street. You could just make them and store in the refrigerator for whenever you desire some chilled drink to calm you down. Obooko has a collection of the most amazing drink recipes that could come in very handy at times like this.

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