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Chinese Phrase Book by Kevin Lewis

Chinese Phrase Book
By Kevin Lewis

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Book Synopsis

This is a simple little book that will provide you with some helpful phrases and words to get around during a stay in China.


Colors as adjectives are used in front of the noun with a “de” as a joining word between the adjective and noun.

So “red car” is  hongse de che

Red: hongse
Blue: lanse
Green: lǖse
Yellow: huangse
White: baise
BlackL heise  
Grey: huise  
Pink: fenhongse
Brown: kafeise
Purple: zese
Orange: chengse

You may feel it’s quite interesting that many Chinese love to wear red especially for weddings or birthdays of elderly people. While it stands for blood, bad luck or even disaster in Western countries. However, red symbolizes good fortune and joy in China. Red is found everywhere during t...
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