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Self-Playing Chess by D.Z. Kalnina

Self-Playing Chess
By D.Z. Kalnina

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Book Synopsis

Self-Playing Chess is a child's, or eternity's, outlook on here and now.

If you love Terry Gilliam's films, if you like Paulo Coelho's take on life, if you love questions, Self-Playing Chess is your book.

Here we go: "My name is Audrey, I have greying hair and sparkle in the eye. I feel neither young nor old; I feel ancient.

Amongst other rather peculiar possessions of mine, there is a set of a self-playing chess.

Today, I will speak of a friendship, undesirable yet impossible to live without..."


I have stopped asking questions starting with why as the possibilities and versions of the becauses are limited by the boundaries of my fantasy only. Each of them as true as the next.

I ask whats instead. What is life (instead of why am I here)? What is time (instead of...
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