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The Ad Game by Joshua D. Dinman

The Ad Game
By Joshua D. Dinman

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Book Synopsis

They say that sex sells. But when Max Cohen takes a job in a Pittsburgh ad agency he learns that sex kills too. Max is hired to work on the account for a multinational steel corporation, but when the client fires the agency, he finds himself on the "Muffler King" account, promoting a local chain of muffler and auto service centers. It isn't long before Max learns that Big Jim King, founder and president of Muffler King, is a sexual voyeur who uses the agency to source young subjects for his sexual escapades. Max must carefully negotiate big Jim's Desires, the agency's need to keep Muffler King as a client, and the advances of Kitty Wells, Muffler King's marketing manager and Big Jim's duplicitous lover. The Ad Game is a both rollicking look at the world of advertising and a cautionary tale of uncontrolled appetites.


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