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Back Pain: How to get rid of it Forever - John Perrier

Back Pain: How to get rid of it Forever (Volume 1: The Causes)
By By John Perrier

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Book Synopsis

Volume 1: Causes, is the first book in a series of two. In this free ebook I will show you how to change and enhance the quality of life by eradicating back pain for good. Discover how your spine works via its structure and learn to understand the reality behind most common pain-inducing conditions.


The title of this section, ‘An introduction to back pain’, is a bit misleading. I’m sure that you already know back pain very well. Whether your particular version is aching, burning, jabbing or gnawing, I bet that you need no further introduction. I hope that by the end of this book and its companion volume, you’ll have the knowledge and techniques to say goodbye to your back pain forever.

About five billion people around the planet are currently suffering, or will soon suffer from, spinal pain of some sort. No, I didn’t...
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