How can we pursue our goals again? it's easier than you think

We all have desire. The desire to win lotto, the desire for a better job, a better house, a holiday in some exotic land. Call it a wish, a dream, or a goal.

E is for Effort. By Bradley Pearce. Self Help

E is for Effort
By Bradley Pearce

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The question I have to ask you is, “How badly do you want your goal?” If the answer is not very much, then put this book down and choose another book. Otherwise this is the book you should read to reach your goal. Forces and pressures hold us back from pursuing that long forgotten goal. So what happened? Who is to blame? How did we lose sight of our goals? How can we pursue them again? Strangely it is easier than you may think. All it requires is a willingness to act. A willingness to make an effort. E is for Effort is a book that examines why we put our dreams and goals on hold and what can motivate us to act. The book lifts the veil of the comfort zone in which we surround ourselves, and the steps we need to take be successful. Dissecting the lives of successful people and discovering they were ordinary people like you and I. From their first step to their final step of...
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