Frank is falling in love with Julie. But he’s living with Marilyn

The weeks passed without any noticeable changes in Frank’s life. His mobile had remained silent, and Marilyn went about her waitressing. The habitual routine ...

Puppet on a String. By Bradley Pearce

Puppet on a String
By Bradley Pearce

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It is a story about a man named Frank. Frank Drake to be precise. Until Smith appeared, Frank’s life was manageable. Hanging off a bar on First Avenue feeling sorry for himself. Washed up and unemployed. Smith makes Frank an offer he can’t refuse. He really can’t. Frank is falling in love with Julie. But he’s living with Marilyn and Frank must choose between lovers. The only way that can happen is for Frank to die. Something people around him keep doing with Smith's insistence. Now Frank wants out. But will Smith allow him to leave so easily? Will Mister Black? Will Charlie and Matt find Max Pecks in time? What is Quinn holding up her sleeve? What does the mirror-man have to say about all this? Remember what happens in Tijuana, stays in Tijuana. Don’t bother asking Tomo. His lips are sealed. As for Grimm, well he keeps to himself. There's only one...
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